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September 27th through September 29th

September 27th&28th 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

September 29th              8:00 am to 11:30 am

All items must be taken to the Utilities Building at 600 N Main St.

The Utilities crew will be there to unload your items ( please note we cannot take TV's; computers, wet paint; tires on rims; anything containing freon; oils/solvents; and no hazardous waste)  This clean up is for town residents only.  Must reside within the Town limits.

Milford's downtown district hosts several businesses and the US Post Office. 

Are you hot? we are!  Summer is in full swing.  Many summer projects have brought some minor headaches but we try to keep a positive outlook as fall approaches. 

School will be back in session in August, so have fun with what is left of summer break and enjoy the Waubee Park when possible.​  We also remind residents to make sure that you keep your property and vehicles locked .  We need your help to curb thefts.  

Is there something specific that you would like to see on your website?  Let us know we will try to add the content or information if possible.  We want to make the website work for you.  We have to advise that this site is established as a benefit for the Town of Milford and its residents and visitors.  We are not mandated to maintain a website but we do so as a way to expand our community.  

The webmaster is not a paid position and while we try in earnest to keep the site updated and current we fall behind at times due to other priorities.  We hope to keep the site open and active and this works much better when we get feedback from you to help us achieve out goal.