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Milford Fest 2017 is just around the corner.  Spring has arrived and we are looking froward to the nice weather.  Memorial Day is also on the way.  Please enjoy your spring time and remember to keep your pets under control.  Everyone wants to have a great spring and kids are out and about town, please watch for them as best as possible when driving.

The new playground equipment at the Waubee Lake Park is being installed.  Town Clerk Joellen Free spearheaded the effort and with the support of our community and local businesses as well as the K-21 Foundation, Dekko, and Milford Kiwanis the funding has been achieved.  We all look forward to having the new equipment in the coming year.

In the photos below are examples of what the new equipment will look like.  The actual equipment may vary in modules and colors.

Milford's downtown district hosts several businesses and the US Post Office.