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 Chief Travis Marsh

Welcome to the Milford Police Department's web page.  We hope that this page will assist you with the resources you need to take care of policing issues you are facing.  There are several links at the bottom of this page to help you find many items associate with policing in the Town of Milford and beyond.  

​The Milford Police Department is your policing agency.  Never hesitate to call is you see something that concerns you, or make you think that something is not quite right.  We will be happy to check out the area to make sure everything is okay.  While we are a small town there is still a lot of territory to cover and we appreciate extra eyes and ears to direct us to areas of attention.

Our number one goal is service and protection to all who live, work, and travel through Milford, Indiana.  

Chief Richard Miotto (ret)

Congratulations Chief Rich Miotto (ret)

The Milford Police Department is staffed by four full time officers and six reserve officers.  We respond to calls dispatched by the Kosciusko County Communications Center.  We also strive to maintain proactive patrols to stave off the need for call for service.

Milford Police Department works a day shift and a night shift.  Officers are here to serve you and the community at large.  At times residents are hesitant to call police when they have an issue.  We are here to serve you as best as possible.  Please call us, there may be some cases that we cannot address due to their nature but we will be happy to point you in the right direction.



Milford Police Department

I am pleased to welcome Chief Richard Miotto to his retirement after 25 years of service.  Rich climbed the ranks of the Milford Police Department to the rank of Chief.  We all wish the best in retirement and hope that his hobbies get the attention they have desired for several years.  Rich plans on working on his classic cars and spending quality time with his family in retirement.


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