Milford Utilties Department 

(574) 658-4614.

Town of Milford, Indiana


Trash Pickup:  

Garbage is picked up every Thursday. All trash must be in the Sweethiemer provided trash container and make sure they are out early.  The trash containers will hold the equivelent to 6 (six) bags of trash.  There is no monthly fee for trash pickup.  If you have a question about an item for pickup call Sweetheimer at (574) 594-5142.

Yard Waste & Brush:

The Street Department regularly pickup yard waste on Monday's (unless other priorities intervene), items such as grass clipping, leaves, as well as brush.  All brush must be cut into pieces no longer than six (6) feet and must be no larger than three (3) inches in diameter.  Brush must be stacked at the edge of the curb or street and not on the street itself.  All leaves must be put in piles at the edge of the curb or street during leaf season, otherwise the need to be in plastic bags or in boxes.  There are to be no sticks or stones or toys in the leaf piles; these items damage the town's equipment.

Snow Removal:

The Street Department strives to keep out towns streets and utilities in fine order.  Emergencies are first order of business; then general maintenance and up keep.  When the snow flies trucks are out getting the streets cleared of snow and ice.  Please note that the downtown area is no parking after 2:00 AM so that the snow may be removed prior to the next business day.  Do not push snow into the streets.

Spring & Fall Cleanup:

The Town of Milford holds a spring clean-up in April and a fall clean-up in September every year.  This gives residents the opportunity to bring their large items to the shop for disposal.  No appliances with freon, and no electronics i.e. TV's computers, etc.

Call Steven at (574) 518-0567 with any questions.


L to R; Rob Brooks, Steven Marquart, Mark Brubaker, Gary Bray

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