The Town of Milford is excited to make the transition to an all-new bill payment system. 

Below are some of the benefits that are available with this new system:

  • Hassle-free registration or you can choose one-time quick payment option without registration
  • Automatic and scheduled payments
  • Digital bill statements
  • Debit, credit and ACH/eCheck payments accepted
  • Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Paypal, Venmo digital wallet linking available

Begin registration by visiting the new payment portal at: or if you prefer to pay by phone:  1-833-944-0068.

We understand the importance of communicating with you and ensuring that we keep you in the loop regarding events that may effect you, such as boil advisories, hydrant flushing, and cleanup dates. 

As a result, the Town of Milford is pleased to announce that we are initiating a new notification service called REACH Alert. 

Click here for instructions on how to sign up.

Milford’s downtown district hosts several businesses and the US Post Office.